How to know when to get your carpets cleaned

If you notice you are sneezing or there is visible dust in the air. Vacuuming alone will lift the surface dust from dead skin, mites, dirt, food, pet hair, etc. But other or excess debris can be trapped in the fibers. This can cause long-term damage to fibers and potentially keep us sicker if they are not being regularly cleaned. If you are allergic to dust or animals, you could experience extended allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching, coughing or other mild symptoms. Children are especially affected by dust and debris left in the carpet. They crawl and play on the floors that we walk on daily. Cleaning upkeep can remove that excess dirt and grime that causes allergy flare-ups and poor air quality. Professional carpet cleaning can keep your floors healthy and safe for the whole family.

If you can see differences in the quality or color of the carpet throughout the house or area. Carpet should look uniform, clean, and bright. It should not look like some parts of it are different colors or faded. Dirt that is caught within the fibers can act like sandpaper. As they are walked on, they will become increasingly worn. This can leave them dingy and dirty looking. Sometimes carpets can become matted down from being wet or in high traffic areas. Carpet can become so worn that the fibers appear shorter or thinner in higher traffic areas. This can happen when the carpet is lacking continuous care from a professional. Discoloration or fading can be caused by exposure to sunlight coming in through your windows. We can suggest some changes to furniture arrangement to maximize the life of the carpet along with a regular cleaning schedule, customized for your home or business needs.

If they smell, it might be a good idea to get them cleansed. Odors can come from many sources. Things like, pets, shoes, food, or even dirty laundry can really make a stink. Pet urine is especially potent and can leave permanent damage to the subflooring as well as the carpets themselves. It may seem impossible to relieve the floors of ammonia stench, wafting through the whole house after a pet accident. Don’t despair! This is your sign that they need to be seen by a pro. We have special water extractors and enzymes that take away the deepest, soaked stains. Also, a moldy floor can leave musty smells that linger while windows are closed for the winter. We can come in and inspect the damage, dry them out or even repair carpets.

If you notice any one of these carpet symptoms, call us right away! We will give a free diagnosis and a treatment plan. And remember to regularly dust and vacuum to keep your floors fresh and clean. We will do the rest!