Step 4. Add a pH balancer and a penetrant for fibers.

*These are special ingredients that allow the dye to take hold. They are essential in the carpet dying process.

Step 2. Neutralize leftover bleach on the existing area of concern.

*All bleach stains require this, a generous spray of the area will ensure that the bleach will stop any further damage.

Step 7. Evenly distribute the dye on the affected spot.

*This takes patience and skill to blend the created and original colors together.


Step 8. Observe a job well done.

*We ensure that our customer is satisfied before packing up. If adjustments are needed after it dries, we will come back and re-color it. 

Step 5. Once mix is complete, adjust color and dilute as necessary.

*another skill that your specialist will have to match the opacity of the fibers around the stain.

Step 6. Test a drop of the dye bath on the fibers.

*We always test it first and are able to take the dye back out if it isn't matching up just right.

Carpet Coloring Tutorial

Step 3. Mix your carpet dye.

*Choose the best combo of colors to blend with the rest of the carpet (this is the challenging part of dying carpet, however, our specialist is trained to be able to eyeball and choose the perfect blend, even from primary colors!). Mix with boiling hot water.


Step 1. Test fibers and prepare space for carpet dye. 

*Gather up your ingredients for the dye mix, gloves, clean cloth, dye baths, etc. We also make sure your specific carpet is dyeable.