DIY Carpet Repair- Expectations Vs. Reality

I am a die-hard DIY’er. I love to Pinterest different ideas and use the tools at my fingertips to do everything on my own. From re-purposing my old furniture to finding the best natural sunscreen recipe. I love to find that everything we need can be done ourselves! We are so lucky to have computers everywhere we go. Any coffee shop, home or work has WIFI available to us. There is unlimited potential in what we can learn from the internet. It is a surplus of information. So why shouldn’t we do it all ourselves? If someone else can do it on YouTube, so can I… right?

Well, there is a lot of learning when it comes to taking care of our carpets. Sometimes, the mistakes made by trying to clean up a stain ourselves can cost us dearly, almost immediately. Let’s say for example that you spilled some coffee on your beautiful white shag carpet. You then panic and use some bleach (because it’s white too, right?). Later, you notice that the color has completely changed in your carpet fibers. It’s a different color! This IS PERMANENT. At that point though, you still have options. Three choices to be exact.

The first choice is to just leave the carpet as is. Try to cover it up, hopefully it’s not in the middle of the room (most of the time it is). Guests may see it and you’ll explain the whole story- every time they ask. This is the lowest cost option out there. Ignore it and it’ll disappear. I know we’ve all been there.

Your second option is to bring in the big guns… Buy new carpet! Ugh, that can be expensive. The cost to replace carpet can be astronomical, even in a small area. You then have to pay someone to stretch it, repair the seams and tack/glue the new carpet down. Hopefully the subflooring is still intact and they don’t find mold from the damage as a result of the spill left uncleaned.

The third and best option would be to call Doug. He is a master of textiles and has taken specialty courses on carpet repair. He is also a certified carpet dying specialist. That means, you save tons! He does free estimates to see if the spot just needs recoloring to it’s original hue or if it needs to be patched. We can also restore water damage done to the fibers. He will give you a guaranteed estimate that is backed by a rock-solid, personal guarantee. This choice is the best because there is a good chance we can fix it. You will also save thousands by choosing to have it repaired, rather than replaced.

If you have any questions about how your carpets are behaving, give us a call or shoot us a text at (503)595-5379.