Can it be repaired?


Carpets are trampled, worn-down, basically trashed inadvertently by our shoes, feet and pets or kids. Every day, dirt gets ground into the fibers, wearing them down. They can become torn or ripped by moving furniture across the floor. Damage from burns or candle wax can potentially ruin the integrity of your carpets!

We get a lot of calls, asking if certain tears or holes can be repaired. We’ve been asked if they should replace the carpet altogether, even when it’s not very old. Here is a definitive guide to help you decide whether or not your carpet can be repaired.

Scenario #1 Pet damage at the seams… Can it be repaired?

Scenario #2 Rip from furniture… Can it be repaired?

Scenario #3 Looped carpet came Un-Looped… Can it be repaired?

Scenario #4 Bleach spill… Can it be repaired?

Scenario #5 Ink pen mark… Can it be repaired?

All of these problems have a solution. We can save you money. Don’t overspend by replacing your entire carpet and paying for the installation. Call us today to fix your stitch!